About Our Website

DET CEPTAM was started in December 2022 as an education & careers news portal that aimed to fulfil your desire for reading the latest employment and career updates. We craft informational articles that help students and job seekers.

We have tried not to stuff the DetCeptam.com Website with a lot of ads & unnecessary text. Providing a great user experience is our main motive.

Complete Information

When it comes to providing information & guidance, we try to cover every aspect important to you. Our articles are properly structured and proofread before publication to provide an engaging reading experience.

User above everything

User Experience is the uttermost thing for us. We make every effort to make our users happy with our website. So that we have fewer ads, great content, and extremely fast-loading pages on the site.

Engagement is Lovely

From time to time we respond to comments submitted by our readers. You can subscribe to get notified when we or another user replies to your comment. Just wait for your comment to be moderated…

Inspiring Content

We don’t add lines just for the sake of increasing word counts in the articles. We believe in short and to the point information sharing. As they say “Seedhi Baat, No Bakwaas“.

Our Great Team

It wouldn’t have been possible for DET CEPTAM to reach where we are today if we didn’t have these hardworking team members on our website. “None of us is as smart as all of us.”


SEO & Content Manager

Apart from writing detailed articles (mostly), I love to find high-traffic keywords and backlinks sources. Competitors hate me 😀


Design & Tech Guy

If you love the speed or the design of this website, it means I have done a great job. I am pretty much obsessed with website speed and engaging UI 🙂


Senior Editor

I have been writing content in the Education niche for more than 6 years. If you see a mistake in content, please notify me before the site owners 😉